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About Click Loans

Click Loans is an Australian owned business that was created to provide a great online home loan experience. While we are an online based business, we are real people based in real Australian cities, and are always available to chat, talk, message or video call anytime you want. You'll notice our website isn't about lead generation but focused on providing Aussie home owners with a great online home loan experience. Start with our preliminary 8 question rate quote. It generally takes less than 60 seconds. Whilst Click Loans has been backed by some of Australia's largest technological and financial institutions we'd like to think we are a small business at heart with a real focus on a great customer outcome.

Our Team

About Us

Sam Hyman [Manager]

Meet Sam. He makes the magic happen around here, as in Magic Johnson level magic… and he LOVES basketball. It’s not unusual for him to show up to work kitted out in his Air Jordan’s, but we let it slide because he’s awesome, and you know, he’s kinda amazing at what he does!

About Us

Samantha [Home Loan concierge]

Samantha is all about that base… no treble! You’ll find her shopping up a storm during her lunch breaks… Her desk is a no fly zone in the afternoon due to all the shopping bags… It’s handy that all that shopping means Samantha knows how to find a bargain when it comes to home loan rates.

About Us

Ted [Home Loan concierge]

Meet Ted. He just moved here from Vietnam and he brings in the most amazing food for lunch… but he doesn’t share! We’re currently trying to bribe him to supply all of the team’s lunches, but no joy yet. We’re hopeful though. We really love him for his number crunching more though, it’s amazing.

About Us

Simon [Home Loan concierge]

Simon is a regular Beethoven, tuning into classical music while on his way to work. You’ll often see him with his mobster-looking violin case, which gives Simon that air of mystery... but we know exactly what he’s like — determined and studious in finding the best online home loan deal for our customers.

About Us

Glenn [Home Loan concierge]

Oh I say, have you met Glenn? He’s our latest import from the UK. He loves all things rugby and we’ve had to stop him from going over and over the Rugby World Cup results — he’s slightly obsessed. It’s a good thing he and Andrew don’t sit close by… but he definitely knows a winning rate when he see’s it!